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How does hypnosis actually work?

Hypnosis is an enjoyable and highly relaxing experience. It is a natural state that you often enter in your day to day life without realizing it, when you become for example absorbed by a book, a movie, or a conversation and tune out everything else, or when driving while thinking of all the things you need to do and reaching your destination without knowing how you got there. The difference is that during the session your eyes are closed, but you are awake, alert, and aware of everything that is happening.  You are in full control, actively participating in the session, and you cannot be made to do anything against your will. Anyone can be hypnotized as long as they wish to enter hypnosis. 

Hypnotic conditioning is not about magic or woo woo; it is about your willingness to accept suggestions.  If you have contacted me, then you have been accepting negative suggestions about yourself, because no baby is born with low self-worth or low self-confidence. Those are acquired during our formative years through real or perceived judgment and criticism from caregivers, authority figures, siblings, peers, books, movies, and/or the media. Those real or perceived judgments and criticisms cause feelings of self-doubt, not being good enough, guilt or even shame.  During hypnosis, we release those old feelings and beliefs and install new, positive, self-serving ones, outlined by you in your intake form. 

You can see the advantages of accepting positive suggestions about yourself to transform you into your most powerful self, can you not?


Do you use regression?

Yes regression is used during the session.  Regression is actually an invaluable tool to discover the root cause of an issue. You will not literally re-experience the past, you will simply observe past events or experiences as you would observe photos or a film on a screen.  “Seeing” those events may make you sad and teary or joyful and happy, but either way you will feel safe and secure as you observe. The events do not really matter per say, it is the interpretation or meaning a client attributed to an event that is important to uncover.


How will I feel after the session?

Everyone is different.  Some people may experience a huge shift during the session, so they may feel highly energetic, bouncing with excitement, and immediately transformed.  Others may experience a sense of reflection or wonder and may continue to discover even more about their past programming in the days to come.  These people will experience a cumulative change within the next few weeks.  Yet others, even though they have experienced a sense of reflection or wonder during the session and continue to discover more about their past programming post session, will only see change in hindsight or retrospectively when something specific happens in their life that in the past would have triggered the old programming, but now triggers the newly installed one.  Some people may experience all of the above in different aspects of their life.  No matter your type of transformation – immediate, cumulative, retrospective or a combination of all – all clients will have a sense of understanding and empowerment after the session.


How many sessions will I need?

It varies from person to person and issue to issue.  We are all unique, so why would we all require exactly the same amount of sessions?  Many issues can be sorted within one session, others require up to three.  Sometimes our issues are in layers; once one layer is sorted, another arises.  A discussion with me will determine what you will need.


Am I assured confidentiality?

Of course!  All disclosed information remains confidential in accordance with professional codes of ethics.  I do not contact other practitioners or doctors who you may also be seeing, without your prior’s written permission.  I destroy inactive files after three years.