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Our Testimonials


“As a third year bachelor’s student, I have struggled with confidence issues that have held me back for a long time in various aspects of my life. After a session with Christine Reinholt we got to the root cause of my problem. I diligently listened to my audio recording every night and I am happy to say not only have I regained my confidence, I am in a good mood, able to meditate, and be alone with my thoughts. It is now a lot easier for me to hold presentations, walk confidently and most importantly feel happy and self-assured in my actions and choices every day. I highly recommend Christine Reinholt.”

Anna Christina – Spain

“As an IB student, I always felt very anxious when presenting in front of the class or taking an important exam. I received a session from Christine Reinholt, in which we found the root of my anxiety, and a recording, which I listened to every night for 3 weeks before I took my exams this past May. 

During the exams I felt much more calm and confident in myself and my abilities and the great results I got further increased my confidence in her work. It was a very helpful and rewarding experience. Thank you Christine!

Pia – Austria

“I contacted Christine Reinholt to address weight problems I was struggling with for several years. She recommended the 3 months package and I am so happy I followed her advice because I easily and healthily lost 12 kgs within 5 months and have still maintained my weight one year later.  RTT and coaching with Christine helped me get to the root cause of my emotional eating and helped me identify the triggers that led me to repeatedly snack at night. Christine increased my motivation to succeed, eliminated any self-sabotaging tendencies and boosted my self-confidence. She actually changed my way of thinking about food. The recordings were a pleasure to listen to and they wired new habits into my subconscious mind, making the familiar unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar familiar. I finally realized the power our mind has over our daily lives and I have chosen to take control of it. 
I highly recommend Christine Reinholt! I have returned to her for other issues, including major back issues. Her session and recording avoided me having back surgery and she taught me to self-hypnotize making the experience of having an MRI relaxing. I actually slept through the whole thing! She has also treated my son and my daughter for school related anxieties and has profoundly increased their self-confidence.  
Christine you’re a life saviour! Thank you, thank you”    

Sabrina – Austria

“I suffered from night binging for over 10 years and had reached a point where my binging habit was restricting my social life.  I had gained a substantial amount of weight and hated myself and my body. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t shut down the compulsion.  After 3 sessions with Christine Reinholt, I am happy to say that all my urges are gone. I am finally free of binging and returned to my ideal weight within 4 months.  I stopped restricting myself during the day and now enjoy a healthy relationship with food; I eat what I feel like eating but also what is good for me. I now easily go out to restaurants, to friends, to parties and eat what is available – no more obsessing and no more missing out on the fun!!!  What a gift it was to learn about the rules of the mind and to get my mind to work with me and give me what I want. I finally feel what I have never felt before: REAL happiness. Everything seems so easy.

I cannot recommend Christine enough, she’s brilliant! She has a gentle, reassuring, non-judgmental way about her and is encouraging and so supportive. I felt safe and understood. Thank you Christine for showing me that I am enough.”

Lily – Belgium

“I had a very profound session with Christine Reinholt regarding an emotional issue which as I found out is deep-rooted and long lasting.  Christine is a very empathic and wonderful therapist with a professional and non-judgmental attitude towards the client, which makes it easy to relax and trust her throughout the process. She was asking profound questions on point which lead to deep insights and allowed me to dive deeply into the process and explore my emotions in a new way.  I gained insights in what triggers my emotions and I am able to observe and handle them more consciously in my daily life and to be more at ease with them.  Her calm, relaxed, and patient way helped to explore this confusing issue and to clear it up. Her recording was very strong and her wonderful soothing voice relaxed me immediately. Thank you Christine.”

Alberta – Germany

“ As a 12th Grade IB student, I contacted Christine for confidence issues and school related anxieties. I had always been shy in social settings and very anxious speaking out in class or in a group.  Being dyslexic, I had a lot of self-doubt and difficulties focusing and retaining information. Christine immediately made me feel at ease and she was so supportive throughout the process.  We did a total of three sessions:  the first session on confidence, the second on increasing my concentration and memory, and the third on passing exams. Christine taught me the power I have over my mind and how I can always access information and command my mind to narrow down. I now feel so much more comfortable about myself, actually loving who I am and I no longer hesitate when doing a presentation or speaking out in a group.  My hands are dry, my voice clear, and I can confidently relate my ideas.  I walk around with my head held high, knowing I am good enough.  My concentration and memory improved tremendously, which made studying so much more enjoyable.  I walked into every IB exam confident and calm and was actually for once comforting my friends when they were nervous.  I actually scored 34 on my IB, when my predicted score was 24, and I got into the university of my choice!!! I love listening to the recordings and even still listen to them now and then. I cannot recommend Christine enough. 

Thank you so much Christine, I am so glad to have met you!”

Faye – Germany

“I have suffered from severe procrastination for many years. Nothing seemed to work, but after one session with Christine Reinholt, I am finally finishing projects and tasks! She has in-depth understanding of psychology and high standard services. I recommend Christine to everybody”   

Fleur – Netherlands

“What a blessing it was to have been able to work with Christine.  During my Rapid Transformational Experience, she made me feel supported throughout the whole process from beginning to end.  I also love how organized, professional, and detailed she is! After years of the quality of sleep being affected by waking up in damp sheets from night sweats, after one session with Christine I am free from this, even months after our session.  Sleeping through the whole night and not having to deal with this is such a gift! I highly recommend working with this fantastic therapist! Thank you Christine!”   

Tiarra – USA

“As a 400m and 100m runner, I would perform well in competitions but would feel extremely anxious, incapable of speaking to others or even holding food down. The previous year, I had won a gold medal and a bronze. After only one session with Christine and listening to my audio recording (which had great detail), I was completely calm and relaxed, enjoyed a healthy breakfast and was able to talk to others with ease.  Christine not only helped relieve my anxiety, she also helped me improve my performance. I broke three school records, won 3 gold medals and two SCIS cups! I highly recommend Christine Reinholt to anyone.”

Maximilian – Greece

“Christine Reinholt helped my 12 year old son deal with stress and performance anxiety. In the beginning, I was hesitant with him starting with Christine, but after only one session I started seeing his transformation into a confident young boy that recognizes the strength of his mind and can control his anxiety. Thank you Christine!”   

Natalia – Greece

“Christine Reinholt helped me achieve one of my biggest goals! Passing my dance examinations with ease and leaving behind all this fear and anxiety that I felt before. I’m grateful that I met her and that she helped me overcome this struggle.”

Sofia – Greece