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Perfect Relaxation

Disclaimer: This audio is intended for relaxation purposes only and involves being put into a relaxed hypnotic state. If you have epilepsy or suffer from a psychotic illness, you should not go into hypnosis and should not listen to this audio recording.  This audio is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or disease and should not be a substitute for any such services. Anyone who listens to this audio recording is accepting full responsibility for taking part in the relaxation session and is acknowledging that nothing in the audio shall create any professional/health relationship with Christine Reinholt. Additionally, by listening to this audio you are agreeing that Christine Reinholt holds no liability for any potential outcome. The audio recording may not be excerpted, or reproduced, or distributed without prior written permission.


I invite you to transition out of your busy day and experience this Perfect Relaxation audio.  This recording will help you let go of stress and enable you to relax easily.

Do not listen to this audio while driving or operating any machinery.

To use your audio, find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit or lie down, with your arms and legs uncrossed and not quite touching.  Make sure your phone is on silent and no one is going to disturb you.  Listen to the audio with headsets and follow the instructions.  You will be in a state of deep relaxation during the audio, however, you will still be aware of your surroundings and able to remember everything.  Should you fall asleep while listening to it, it is ok, your subconscious mind is listening. For a power nap, it is good to set an alarm to go off after 20 minutes.

The trick to enter a relaxed state rapidly is to keep your eyeballs looking up while you close your eyelids down and to breathe in while inflating your stomach and breathe out while deflating your stomach. So I would ask you to practice the following prior to listening to the recording:

-Holding your head still, look up as high as you can, look up until you feel a tension in your eyes; look up, almost as if you are looking up into the back of your own eyebrows.

-Now keeping your eyes up, let your eyelids close down.

Relax your eyes for a moment.

-Now practice looking up while breathing in allowing the air to inflate your stomach and when you breathe out, keeping your eyeballs up and deflating your stomach, allow your eyelids to shut down.

You can see how easy that is, can you not?

You might notice a bit of fluttering with your eyelids.  That is a great sign, indicating you are going into REM – Rapid Eye Movement.  You only go into that state when you are dreaming or when you are going into a deep relaxed state, such as hypnosis.

Now enjoy the recording!

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